Certification signifies the building’s top performance in energy efficiency nationwide

Edmonton, AB (May 28, 2018)  ICE District Joint Venture is proud to announce that Edmonton Tower has earned the ENERGY STAR® certification, a widely recognized symbol of energy efficiency for buildings across Canada. The building met strict energy specifications set by industry standards, achieving a high score of 90 (out of 100). This score indicates that Edmonton Tower is performing in the top 25 per cent of similar buildings nationwide that have the same primary use in its operations.

“We are proud of our role in sustainable operations and ensuring that our strategies are responsible and innovative in reducing our carbon footprint,” says Glen Scott, president of Katz Group Real Estate. “From incorporating the use of LED lighting, to daylight harvesting, the ICE District will continue using responsible strategies that put energy efficiency at the forefront.”

ENERGY STAR® certified buildings are recognized for being leaders in saving energy, reducing costs and generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions. These savings make a significant impact on the environment and provide a framework for future buildings to follow in energy efficiency. Buildings operating at this performance level have shown benefits including: increased building value, lower vacancy rates and increased worker productivity. ICE District is pleased to pioneer the construction of a building that operates at this standard of energy performance.

“It’s a great achievement for Edmonton Tower to be ENERGY STAR® certified, and we are proud to provide a sustainable environment for our tenants to conduct business in,” says Scott. “We look forward to continuing to showcase our commitment to the environment and the community we serve by ensuring our building portfolios maintain this standard of energy efficiency.”

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About ICE District
ICE District will be the largest mixed-use sports and entertainment district in Canada and is already projecting an energy and feeling unlike anything Edmonton has seen before. ICE District is already delivering a new era of entertainment in the form of epic concerts, heart-stopping NHL and WHL hockey and world-class gaming and will soon feature blockbuster movies, boutique shopping, trendy dining and more. A humming public plaza with year-round programming will host events from festivals to public skating. All of this, just steps from sophisticated residences and premium office space. Rogers Place was developed by the Oilers Entertainment Group and the City of Edmonton. ICE District Properties, a mixed-use development surrounding Rogers Place and Ford Hall, is being developed through a joint venture between Katz Group and ONE Properties (formerly WAM Development Group).

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